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Lovely results for a fraction of the cost

Renovation tailored to your budget and expectations


Showing your property in a better light does not have to be expensive.

But there is no single rule for every property,

therefore it is worth consulting with professionals what adjustments are worth making,

taking into account specifics of your property like the general state, location, your expected rental income.

There are locations where furnished apartments are much easier rented.

However, if the furniture is older or in a worse condition, the property will have more potential without it.


Did you know that you can offer old furniture to be picked up and taken free of charge 

and have the apartment unfurnished ready for cleaning in a few days?

And that there are handymen who can repair almost anything?

Why is it worth it?

Real numbers



Apartment 2 + kk in an brick building in wide centre furnished with older furniture

had the potential to earn 11,000 CZK per month plus fees.

After a renovation for around CZK 20,000, which included the replacement of the stove and bed,

a few repairs and a thorough cleaning, the apartment was rented for CZK 15,000.

This means that in half a year the investment will return 

and the owner will be making CZK 4,000 more per month than without the renovation.



3 bedroom apartment on the river side in original condition, full of old furniture, was sold for 8.9 mil. CZK.

After moving out all the furniture, few light repairs, repainting and thorough cleaning, still in the pre-renovation condition,

but presented in the best light possible, it was sold for CZK 11 million.

After full renovation (1 - 1.5 mil. CZK), it will have a value of at least CZK 17 million.

When a good cleaning is enough, when to invest a bit and when a proper renovation is worthwhile

The location and type of property will help deciding


If the property is located in more lucrative location such as Vinohrady or the Old Town, it might be worthwhile to renovate,

Tenants and buyers searching in these locations are usually prepared to pay for the highest comfort, they are not worried as much about the price tag when looking for the most luxurious home.

In lucrative location well carried out renovation will bring in tens of thousands crowns.


In other locations, costly renovation will not fundamentally increase the rental potential. Good cleaning of the property,

fresh coat of paint or a new kitchen unit, budget price but new, and few refreshing touches will do just the trick.


What can we offer?

We will help you as much as you wish


If you are planning doing some work yourself, we might just send a cleaning lady afterwards.

But we can also provide a painter and various handymen.

If you don`t really have the time or capacity to worry about the renovation,

we will be happy to make suggestions and give quotes, and you just make the decisions.

Sometimes it takes a little and you get a lot more than you expect.


We have painters, handymen, a gardener, cleaners, time and a lot of ideas and enthusiasm.

Your property deserves the best care, so it is able to earn you some nice money.


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