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Presentation, presentation, presentation


Selling or renting a property on a good address is not a rocket science.

Properly present a property with flaws, maybe not such a good address,

can only someone who sees the potential that others cannot see .


We can do that, it is our passion. Seeing that hidden charm.

Just as they say that every woman can be beautiful,

the same is true about properties - every property has its own charm worth pointing out.


You can have a property on the best address, if it is neglected, you will not get a good price.

Unless you consciously decided to sell below market price.

And even then, it's worth considering, that with just a little effort, you can get a lot more.

Little bit of work, cleaning, or even just moving out old furniture,

can make you a million CZK if you are selling.

If you are renting it could mean a few thousand CZK a month extra.




First impressions


Tenants do not spend much time looking through the offers, they have so much to choose from,

that even if they miss a good offer, they will find other as good or better in a few minutes.

That's why it is so important what people see in the first few pictures.

Never rely on someone reading the description, imagining room without an old sofa,

or making time to ask if you are willing to move it out.

You may have no problem doing so, but the person has already seen the old sofa in the picture and closed the offer, because he knows that he will find another 10 nice apartments without an old sofa.

It is truly essential that the photographs show the real potential of the property and the presentation is realistic.




You decide who will live in your property


If you offer an apartment in poor condition, dirty, with damaged furniture, missing light bulbs, etc.,

you are setting a certain standard of living.

You will show that you don't care much about the apartment and your tenant will treat it accordingly.

An apartment in such state will be suitable only for those who do not mind living in it in such state.

There is a high probability that a tenant will treat this apartment in such a way,

that in a few years its condition will be even worse.


Putting an apartment in a good order before it is offered does not have to be expensive and it is always worth it.

Not only will you get a higher rent, but a clean well maintained apartment will attract more caring tenants.

The offer will show you care and it will attract people who value order and cleanliness,

tenants who will take a good care of your property.




How to go about it?


Call, tell us about your property and let`s see.

Once we clarify whether you want to sell or rent,

we will look at the location of the property and its specifics,

target customer profile,

your idea of ​​the price and possible investment,

and we will find a way to present the property as best as possible.


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