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You've probably heard of property management.

Ana about guaranteed rent.

And technical management.

And so on.

It is not entirely easy to understand what are you being offered. Do you know what all those mean?


We offer a little bit different property management. to our clients.

Customised. Exactly as they want it.







Some property owners rent their properties and want to be part of the process, want to choose a tenant,

make decisions, they like to take care of their property themselves,

but they live abroad or don't always have the time to deal with it.

So they simply need an assistant, more or less, who is their eyes, ears, arm and legs,

who picks up a document when needed, opens door for a handyman, 

knows something about real estate and can give good advice.

Representative who is available for them when needed.


Others, on the other hand, are satisfied when their rent comes once a month, no one asks them anything,

as long as everything is fine and the property is safe.

They sign a power of attorney and are happy that we can choose the most suitable sofa without them,

and a tenant, who will be happy to share a home with it.


Not renting


Let's say, for example, that you live abroad, you have an apartment in Prague that you don't rent,

because you want to have it available, for when you or an acquaintance of yours come to the city every few months.

How nice it would be if you could call someone to arrange for the apartment to be tidy, fresh,

with a freshly made bed, some basic groceries in the fridge whenever needed?

Your private airbnb.


Or you have a cottage in Krkonoše where you are planning on going for Christmas with the whole family,

but you know you need to go a week ahead to sweep a ton of snow, clean the place and get everything ready,

checked out, hang Christmas lights to make children happy when they arrive.

You also have to bring lot of food for the holidays. Ohh, and if someone brought all the presents and ideally managed to wrap them along the way, that would be just excellent.

And at the same time you would like to enjoy a little Christmas peace and quiet.

What if we arranged it all for you? And you could just sit down, have a coffee and relax on arrival.

Just a phone call away.


Housekeeper / Handyman


And some people, property owners or tenants, just need help with something from time to time.

Whether it's one-time maintenance, pre-Christmas cleaning,

moving out an old sofa or washing machine when they bought a new one,

assembly of some furniture from IKEA, replacing a kitchen unit, painting,

or even a regular cleaning or house-sitting for a week during the holidays.

Whatever you can think of, whatever you might need help with in your home, call.

Either we can do it or we know someone.





Compared to larger providers of similar services, we have the advantage of flexibility.

Also, we honestly value your trust.

We will tailor the services to your needs, we will also agree on the price individually,

so that you get exactly what you need for your money and not pay for something you are happy to handle on your own.

We have the same handymen as the large companies, we have really thorough cleaners.

And we have more friendly prices, because we do not have a large fleet of company cars,

advertising billboards or an office in the city with a team of administrators.

We are small and very resourceful.


Individual care is not just an advertising phrase to us

We maintain friendly relationships with our clients. Mutual trust and respect are crucial.

And since we want to make sure we always have enough time for our clients,

we cooperate with a larger provider of technical property management,

who helps us manage more demanding clients, ie technical services for clients with larger or more real estate.

In such case, your property will still be in our caring hands,

we will look after everything and will always be at your disposal, we will make sure your property is rented,

and for technical care we will have a big strong partner with more capacity.

How would you imagine our cooperation?

Call us. We are happy to talk about what you expect and offer a tailor-made solution.

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