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Renovate reasonably

Getting your property ready does not have to be expensive

What is a good investment

and what is a waste of money?

Lovely results

for a fraction of the cost








Stress free renting?

You decide

who will live in your property.


Property management


Property management

can be a pain.

Unless you have someone

to do it for you.

Enjoy your life,

and leave the worries about your property and tenants to us.




Confirmation of accommodation


Useful Links

Forms to download


Your lovely homes

Take a peak into a real homes

for some inspiration.


Big Thanks    for the kind words of our clients.

We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you again.

Mrs. Annette wrote about us:

"Nina is a lot more than

an estate agent.

She does not present

what she thinks

will fit with your lifestyle and persona.

She listens carefully

and then goes out

and finds the closest fit

to your wishes.


Her energy, integrity

and thoroughness

make working with her

a rewarding experience.

We have found perfect fit homes with her twice already

and she over-delivered

in both instances.

Highly recommended."

Mrs. Ivana wrote about us:

They advised how to renovate the apartment smartly,

arranged the removal of old furniture, got a new one for a reasonable amount of money, recommended skilled handymen,

arranged inspections

and cleaning of the apartment.

All with a limited budget.

And then they rented the apartment for more than I expected.

Lovely Homes services will outperform

all your expectations.

Mr. Petr wrote about us:

My girlfriend and I could not find a furnished apartment

which would suit us,

and we didn't want to invest money in furniture in someone else's apartment since we are planning to build our own house at some point.

After months of searching,

we came across Lovely Homes.

They offered us an unfurnished apartment

and help with acquiring decent used furniture.

Now we have an apartment fitting our style, we bought the furniture for a fraction of the price,

and our landlord even offered to buy the furniture from us

when we will be moving out.

Win win.


Thank you.

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